Steeped in mystery
Do you love afternoon tea?
How about a good mystery? At a time when the number of tea rooms is in steady decrease, Siren School'Tea Travellers Societea has come up with an idea as to how to support and promote tea establishments, and that idea is murder!... or rather, Cup of Mystery.

Our Cup of Mystery whodunit games are created for play during afternoon tea, most enjoyably, while at your favorite tea parlour. Tea and mystery have long been congenial bedfellows, and now they can celebrate their union in a public forum that benefits all involved.

There are three game types available for play whether you're alone, in a group, or want an ongoing mystery experience with a friend over the course of multiple tea get-togethers.  Peruse our site to learn how you and your chums can stimulate the little grey cells over a cuppa.