How it Works

Dame Agatha at tea
You may order your game:

  • directly through this site and you'll receive it via email as an easy to read & print PDF file
  • at your participating tearoom of choice where you'll be served sections of the game along with your tea courses 
  • via Amazon, for Kindle editions of selected games (only 1 for now, actually) 

Your level and duration of activity will depend on the option you've selected.  For example:

  • Our Spot of Mystery package is meant to be conducted throughout a standard served tea
  • Our 3-Course Murder is a more involved affair, taking place in three parts, during three separate tea room visits or get-togethers
  • Our group option, Your Part in Murder allows for personal interaction and roleplay for 6 or more participants.  In this game, you play a fictional character with scripted lines, dubious on-site activities, and access to incriminating evidence.  You may even play dead!

Offering Cup of Mystery games at your tea room is elementary, not to mention, profitable. Simply email us at to get more information or get started. Games are provided on consignment and you will receive a 20% 'Thank You' commission on all games purchased at your tearoom.